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OH MAN I WAITED SO LONG AND IT WAS SOOO WORTH IT If you had any concerns about whether to see it or not, DO IT. You’ll be a richer person having done so
La Muerte tho, my perfect goddess, I am not worthy omfg she’s the best character in anything ever, I mean I love everything about this movie but oh my god. I hope Legacy comes out with a figurine, I don’t care how much it is, I have to have it. 
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"Si puedes perdonar, el amor vivirá"
I watched The Book of life yesterday and I have only one opinion: STUNNING.
Can we please talk about skeleton!Manolo?
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a potato flew around my room before you came excuse 

-13 hours ago
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theforgott3nartist inquired:
Well since you're intoxicated. How about you draw a drunk Lars pouring his feelings out to Sadie?
lilmizzspooky inquired:
Uhh... Larsadie cuddling (More specifically, Sadie laying on Lars' lap while he's playing video games, kinda think this is partially what went down that night "Player 2" started)
  • *watches a movie*

  • *sees a dog*

  • me:

    if something happens to that dog I sWEAR TO GOD



They were trying to keep Kili away in case he caught Fili’s bug, but he was being impossible.

Aww, this is adorable!
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